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Educational Trainers

Educational trainers are used for experiment resources, function generator, DPMs etc. The range of trainers are central slot will carry replaceable experiment panel, with colorful screw less overlay showing circuit, connection tag etc. A set of users guide is provided with each unit, which helps in operating the instruments.

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S-99 antenna trainer has been designed for teaching and demonstrating the commonly used antenna configurations at all levels of study. Practical verification of theoretical concepts is easily possible, because accurate, automatic and repeatable measurements of polar plots (involving 360/72 measurements) can be completed in 3 to 5 minutes. S-99 antenna trainer comprises of two towers for mounting the transmitting and receiving antenna, synthesized receiver, synthesized rf source with tracking facility and accessories like 20 antennas, antenna stepper positioner, directional coupler, etc. All the antennas are matched for a typical VSWR<2 and have been designed by Prof Girish Kumar, Elect Engg Dept, IIT Bombay, India. S- 99 antenna trainer works in stand alone mode as well as in conjunction with a PC. Polar plots of the antenna can be printed directly on an epson printer. STS-3006 antenna analysis software greatly enhances the understanding of electromagnetic concepts and measurement capability. The whole system can be easily accommodated on a standard laboratory bench. Distance between transmitting and receiving antennas is typically 3 to 6 meters for use within laboratories. However, due to the high sensitivity and wide dynamic range of the receiver the distance can be increased manifold. Experiment & Study Areas
  • Polar Plots
  • E & H Plane
  • Cartesian Plots
  • E & H Plane
  • 3D Polar Plot
  • Radiation in Space
  • 5 Polar Plots
  • Quick Study
  • Vert Plane Plot
  • Gnd Plane effect
  • Directive Gain
  • Front Back Ratio
  • Sidelobe Level & Angular Position
  • Beamwidth
  • Half Power & 10dB
  • Frequency Bandwidth
  • Current Distribution Study
  • Polarization Study
  • Verify Inverse Square Law axiom
  • Verify Reciprocity axiom
  • Study of VSWR vs FREQ Plot

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S-36 microstrip systems trainer has been designed for teaching and measuring various parameters associated with solid state microwave applications ranging from land and mobile communications to high-speed computing and data transmission. S-36 microstrip systems trainer comprises of S-36R synthesized receiver with built-in tracking generator, 2 microstrip antennas and 17 microstrip components (passive & active components), terminations, connectors and cables required to construct the commonly used configurations. STS-3069 microstrip analysis software offers comprehensive measurement functions. Microstrip components passive devices
  • Power Dividers
  • Two way equal power
  • Four way equal power
  • Two way un-equal power
  • Directional Coupler
  • Two branch
  • Three branch
  • Coupled Line
  • Rat Race
  • Filters
  • Low Pass
  • Band Pass
  • Band Reject (Notch)
  • Other Components
  • Rectangular Resonator
  • Attenuator 6dB
  • Circulator - Isolator -Active Devices
  • Amplifier
  • Oscillator (VCO)
  • Mixer
  • Pin Diode Switch
  • Microstrip antennas- 2 nos
  • Terminations
  • Short, open, match & loads
  • Misc cables & connectors

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S-18 transmission line trainer has been designed for teaching and measuring the various parameters associated with transmission lines. Students can experiment, measure and understand the various abstractions like; characteristic impedance, standing wave pattern, VSWR, R+jX, impedance variation along mismatched line, smith chart, impedance matching, insertion loss, forward & reverse power and s-parameters(optional). students can also experiment with principles of time domain reflectometry; study pulse response to short, open, termination in Zo, velocity factor, fault location, etc on any general purpose laboratory oscilloscope - above 50MHz preferred. S-18 transmission line trainer is self contained and requires no other expensive RF measuring equipment. It comprises of a motorised 50ohm slotted line with voltage & current pickups, 1.3GHz synthesized receiver with built-in tracking RF source and TDR pulse output, directional coupler, dual slug tuner, various terminations, adapters and cables. S-18 transmission line trainer works in stand alone mode as well as in conjunction with a PC. Auto measurements can be made at 800MHz and the SWR printed directly via centronics on an epson lx800 or compatible printer. STS-3033 windows software greatly enhances the understanding of the transmission line theory. Experiment & Study Areas
  • Standing wave patterns upto four patterns at a time.
  • Complex impedance measure R+jX.
  • SMITH chart auto and manual.
  • Study relationship of VSWR.
shift in minima, reflection co-eff for
  • Case 1: Matched Line
  • Case 2: Open-Circuited Line
  • Case 3: Short-Circuited Line
  • Case 4: Inductive (nonresistive) Load
  • Case 5: Capacitive (nonresistive) Load
  • Case 6: Resistive Load > Zo
  • Case 7: Resistive Load < Zo
  • Case 8: Resistive-Inductive Load
  • Case 9: Resistive-Capacitive Load

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Moazzam Loynmoon (Proprietor)
No. 201/202, Champaklal Industrial Estate, No. 105, Sion East
Mumbai - 400022
Maharashtra, India
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